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Ring sizer
Ring sizer
Ring sizer

Ring sizer

Interested in a piece but not sure of your size? Don't worry, we’ll gift you a ring sizer to ensure you get the correct fit. 

Simple and quick to use:

1. Push the end of the sizer through the buckle to form a loop.

2. Slip the sizer onto your desired finger and pull it tighter until you have a comfortable fit, checking that it just slips back over the knuckle.

3. Identify your size using the arrow on the buckle.

Please note: your finger size will slightly change throughout the day, depending on activity or temperature. Our recommendation is that you size your finger toward the end of the day while you are relaxed (not too hot, or too cold).

*Please ensure you have the correct size before placing your order. We do not accept returns for incorrect size as all pieces are made to order.

Limit 1 per customer, Australia customers only.


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