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Timeless Collections for the Fearless

Born, bred and handcrafted one piece at a time in Melbourne, Australia. Browse through our ethically curated selection of artwear.

We inspire with our designs and serve as a reminder that whomever you want to be in life it’s just at your fingertips.


We strive to make meaningful pieces that will last you a lifetime. Shying away from mass production, we hand-craft each of our creations, to ensure that no item is being made just for the sake of it.


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El Toro Ring
El Toro Ring
El Toro Ring
El Toro Ring
El Toro Ring
El Toro Ring

El Toro Ring

The Inspirer  Strong yet sublime in every context, the El Toro Ring stands alone and fears no one. Its harmonious shape with rugged oxidized details embodies confidence and passion.

When you embrace the energy of the bull, fierce and unrelenting, you inspire those around you. Let this Sterling Silver piece remind you of your power and determination and the positive changes you instill. Strength and elegance, the El Toro Ring was made for you.

- Bull Inspired Design
- Oxidized detailing
- Solid Sterling Silver Ring 925
- Handcrafted Piece

Size L

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